HRSG Liner Plate Systems

HRSG Repair Services

Just as expansion joints are subject to extreme conditions and often require replacements, components of the HRSG such as internal liner systems, doors, or gas baffles are subject to the same environment and require maintenance as well. In scale, the biggest items covering the most square feet are the internal liner plates, there are more than 25,000 sq. ft. of liner plate in one HRSG. The number one issue for liner plate is a ’hot spot’ or missing insulation behind the plates protecting the outer casing. It's common for plants to think a simple removal and repacking of insulation can be sufficient, but this doesn’t address the root cause of the damage or prevent it from occurring again. 

liner-repair-1.jpgIAFD has spent over fifteen (15) years making repairs, replacements and upgrades in the duct work, our scope always starts with a root cause analysis to understand where the failure/breakdown began. Once a diagnosis is complete, we first repair the weakness, then improve the surrounding materials, and finally reinsulate the cavity. This is a high-level overview of a liner plate repair because unit type, location in the machine, or flow profile will adjust our repair plan.

IAFD has repaired hundreds of thousands of square feet of duct work liner over the last decade. These repairs allowed us to see countless failures due to different causes and has helped us gather the data for our current offering; a superior upgraded liner system for your HRSG. With our engineering first approach, we dissect the various OEM’s stud patterns, attachment methods, material selection, and breakdown the failures to provide to a granular understanding how each happened. From here we deploy and test different assemblies until we arrive at a system that conquers all the weaknesses we have discovered and will stand up to the test.

Our unique system has features that make it greater than the OEM in every way including better materials, stronger attachments to the base casing, more uniform connection of the liner plates, even distribution of the load on the system and stress fatigue prevention. IAFD has been installing this style system in units successfully for the last decade with zero failures. 

As mentioned before, liner systems are the largest quantity item to watch out for however there are other components that are similar that should be checked and serviced as well. Gas baffles that surround the tube bundles are another major item that if left unchecked can sneak up and cause a failure – or worse, an online performance issue. The standard principle of the HRSG is that the air flows over the tubes to deliver the maximum heat to transfer to them. The purpose of these baffles is to direct the air flow onto the tubes and not allow it to bypass and miss the transfer. If your baffles are broken, missing, out of position or bent then this can allow massive quantity of air around the system in each section of your HRSG. These baffles serve a vital role in your unit’s efficiency and performance, confirming they are in position to function properly is essential to operation. Our repair work for baffles includes replacing sections of them, repositioning the current system, replacement like-in-kind, or complete redesign and replacement improving the root cause of the weakness. 

Experts Providing Turn-Key Solutions

Over the last two decades, we have developed turn-key solutions designed to create the best possible outcome for our customers. Our engineering team diagnoses the root cause of the issue, improving the OEM design, our manufacturing team builds the quality products and our field services team completes the turn-key process with the on-site installation.