What We Do

At IAFD, the heart of what we do is provide solutions to our customers’ problems. Our customers call us when something has failed because they know that we will fix the issue. The confidence of our customers is the product of our 20 years of experience working on natural gas power plants. We are the experts in providing replacement expansion joints, pipe penetration seals and HRSG duct/liner replacement systems. 

Engineering Services

  • Plant Evaluations
    • Comprehensive analysis of entire unit’s expansion joints, cold casing duct work and penetration seals consolidated into a single report delivering current data and future repair recommendations
    • Evaluation includes: current unit conditions, repair priority list, photographs, thermography, five year maintenance plan

Expansion Joints [Fabric Related Products]

  • Combustion Turbine Expansion Joints
    • We supply gas path expansion joints from the air inlet through the combustion turbine exhaust for ALL manufacturers including:
      • General Electric (including Flex Seals)
      • Siemens
      • Mitsubishi
      • Alstom
  • HRSG & Duct Work Expansion Joints
    • HRSG inlet/transition duct/CT outlet
    • Pipe penetration seals
      • Roof, floor, side wall
    • Stack inlet and outlet expansion joints
  • Design and install complete unique frame and fabric drop-in expansion joint systems

Non-Expansion Joint Work Scopes

  • Exhaust Duct Area
    • GE A042/Braden duct complete rebuild
    • GE Frame 5/6/7EA cowl cap, wing, FWD AFT walls, floor rebuild
    • Exhaust cylinder welding repairs
    • Siemens Westinghouse 501 flow shield/flange replacements
    • Mitsubishi EE01/02 flow shield upgrades
  • HRSG Related
    • Hot spot/liner plate repair and reinsulating
    • SCR/catalyst changeouts
    • HRSG complete casing replacement
    • HRSG/duct complete door replacements
    • HRSG gas baffle repairs

IAFD has built a reputation on a simple mindset: understand what the customer needs and find a way to make it happen. While it's easy to say those words, we make it our goal to live them every day by fixing your problems, meeting tight deadlines and providing the support you need.

Experts Providing Turn-Key Solutions

Over the last two decades, we have developed turn-key solutions designed to create the best possible outcome for our customers. Our engineering team diagnoses the root cause of the issue, improving the OEM design, our manufacturing team builds the quality products and our field services team completes the turn-key process with the on-site installation.



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