How We Do It

Experience is the Key

At IAFD, we understand how critical your expansion joints and HRSG liner systems are to the uptime and performance of your power plant. Any failure will result in an unplanned outage costing both time and money. Failure can occur for many different reasons whether it be design issues, wear and tear, installation issues, age and use, cycle fatigue, subpar prior repair work, surrounding equipment upgrades, operational changes. We have built our reputation not on just delivering the best product in the industry but for asking questions – Why did that joint fail? What was the root cause? How can we correct this issue? Our job isn’t to just sell you a new expansion joint, our job is to identify the issue and fix your problem.

No other company is able to deliver the innovative products that we make. There are three key components to this – engineering, manufacturing and field services. Each one of those divisions is critical to providing the highest quality products that our customers have come to expect from us. Our engineering team diagnoses the root cause and improves on the OEM design, our manufacturing team builds the quality products and our field services team completes the turn-key process with the on-site installation.

Our three divisions allow us to provide a turn-key solution to our customers that is unrivaled in the industry. This results in a seamless process that reduces the timeline, reduces the number of vendors you engage with and allows us to be more responsive to your needs.

Interaction with our customers is a critical part of IAFD’s and each client’s success. Clear communication regarding outage plans or potential work allows us to position our resources to be immediately deployable when needed. With IAFD controlling the delivery process, we can react incredibly fast to situations or future prepare by keeping special items in stock. In addition, we also work in tandem on preventative maintenance plans through unit evaluations. Onsite visits to review seals, duct work, casing, etc. helps our team get a look at what is on the horizon and prevent a failure. This evaluation provides critical insight on the status of your plant and helps avoid costly repairs and down time.

Be Safe, Stay Safe. How We Work

At IAFD, safety is no accident. A well-managed safety process, quality training and safety-minded personnel are the cornerstones of our safety culture.

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